Dyeing to Show You Our “New” Sofa!

Before photo of the pre-loved sofa ready for upcycling!

So here’s a little secret about us, we have never owned a new sofa! When we first moved in together Lee’s parents had just bought a new suit and so saved us their probably 20 year old faded red sofa, which had ready made dips in the most used seats. It was brilliant, we had our own sofa in our own house! When we moved house we decided it really was the end of the line for that old sofa.

On moving day we arrived at the new house to find all of the existing furniture was still there, including an original 1970’s brown sofa! We have been using that sofa for a year and a bit when the other day my mums friend was tidying out her Mums flat (she’s gone into a home) and they asked if there was anything we needed. There it was a 3 person marks and spencer sofa which although it was about 10 years old (which is still about 50 years younger than the brown one!) had rarely been sat on! This sofa as you can see has wonderfully busy fabric which reminds me of my grandparents house! It’s super comfy and fits perfectly in the space of the room.

My up cycling project began!

Our “new” pre-loved sofa ready and waiting to be upcycled!

I bought 2 Dylon Navy Blue All-in-1 fabric dye which was suitable to use in the washing machine, stripped the sofa covers and split them into two.

Using Dylon Navy Blue Dye to Dye Our Sofa
The Dylon Dye we chose was Navy Blue All-in-1 it was so simple to use!

It was so simple, I put half the covers in the washing machine with each of the containers on a standard cottons wash at 40 degrees. The instructions said it would work at 30 but the 40 was better for the colour fast (keeping the colour in the fabric).

Dylon Navy Blue Home Dye
Love the look of the navy blue dye ready to go into the washing machine

Not quite what I expected the dye to look like but sooo excited to see it! I didn’t expect the dye to have other colours in there!

One batch of fabric dye done and look at the results! Before and after using Dylon home dye
So pleased with the results of the first batch dyed using the Dylon All-in-1 home dye in the washing machine! Can’t wait to get the second lot done and put the sofa back together!

After the first half of the fabric was dyed it was so exciting to see how the new fabric was looking! I love that you can still see the pattern but its all navy blue and much more modern in the feel! I love this pic as it really shows the difference in the fabric!

After the second batch was dyed we washed both batches again with normal detergent followed by an empty load with washing detergent to clean the machine. I’m pleased to say that mostly the washing machine was unaffected, there was a small amount of blue dye in the door seal but a little household cleaner took that straight off and the machine was back to normal!

Drum roll please…

After! The results of our up cycling the pre loved sofa
Ta dah!! Our finished up cycling project, a new sofa out of our pre-loved sofa hone dyed and ready to be used!

Here is our “new” sofa! Love the colour and the nod to the original sofa with the pattern showing through all in blue! The fabric came out perfectly and I’m so happy to have what feels like our first ever new sofa! Its super comfy – now I just need to hunt for curtains to go with it, redecorate the walls and of course change that stunning 1970’s carpet!

Thanks for reading and catch up with you soon!

Nicky X


  1. Lin Tribble
    August 12, 2020 / 5:39 pm

    Really enjoyed reading your post and the sofa looks amazing!

    • Nicky
      August 12, 2020 / 5:43 pm

      Thank you! Loved doing this project and the outcome is fab! X

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